Prestige Turbo Yeast

Gert Strand AB’s Black Label Turbo Yeast is an ideal solution for both brewers and distillers looking to reduce time and cost associated with producing spirits using traditional methods. This powerful yeast produces high alcohol concentration quickly by simply following instructions, cutting production times down significantly while speeding up processes dramatically. Using it saves both time and money; traditional methods take far longer.

This strain of yeast is specially designed to withstand high alcohol and temperature levels, producing up to 20% alcohol production within several days. Perfect for making spirits from sugar or starchy materials like molasses, it comes complete with mineral/nutrient mixture and instructions to assist the fermentation process.

Ingredients in the sachet are mixed with water and allowed to ferment, producing alcohol at an appropriate level. Once that level has been achieved, distillation can take place; typically this takes less than a day and uses either stills or potstills depending on what kind of sugars are available for production.

Turbo yeast may be useful when creating high-alcohol beverages, but it may alter the flavor profile too much for complex flavors to develop properly. If this is what you desire, traditional distillers yeast could provide more options than turbo yeast does.