Where Can I Buy Prestige Turbo Yeast?

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Contrary to other turbo yeasts, this one is osmo-tolerant and can be mixed directly with sugar solutions without prior soaking in water – pre-soaking can cause cell osmotic pressures to become so different from outside that the yeast explodes, potentially leading to product losses and product waste.

The Turbo yeast package features a high-grade strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast – one of the most frequently used strains for alcohol fermentation – along with nutrients designed specifically to convert sugar to alcohol, essential vitamins and trace minerals necessary for rapid and clean fermentation processes. All these elements will allow your yeast to flourish for faster and cleaner fermentation processes.

This 8 kg pack of turbo yeast will allow you to ferment 25 litres of sugar into 18%-20% alcohol in five days, depending on its temperature tolerance. Therefore, it is crucial that instructions are strictly adhered to so as to avoid overheating of your batch and ensure rapid fermentation with pure alcohol output.