Prestige Turbo Yeast

Containing microelements and minerals to promote superior fruit fermentation. This yeast provides maximum flavor extraction from your fruit for the ultimate product, and is temperature tolerant – in fact Bettina Malles and Helge Schmickls use this yeast at their Artisan distilling school as well as for their instructions and recipes in their book The Artisans Guide to Crafting Distilled Spirits.

Turbo yeast with special low volatile production turbo yeast, antifungal agents and nutrients containing high levels of trehalose for protecting internal strength during fermentation against osmotic shock is a very special mix with exceptional temperature tolerance, suitable for mixing directly into sugar water solutions without needing to soak beforehand; unlike other forms of dry yeast that typically require 15 minute soaks.

Turbo yeasts offer the fastest and cleanest fermentation available today; capable of reaching an alcohol content of 21 percent within 5 days when fed 8kg of sugar. Ideal for all fruit, starchy and grain applications.

One sachet of this yeast will cover an up to 25-litre (6.5 US gallon) batch.

Dissolve sugar into the required volume of hot water. Top off to final volume with cold water and stir until liquid specific gravity reaches 1090. Next, add an appropriate number of Turbo Yeast sachets, mix well and leave to ferment at temperatures below chart temperatures.

All our yeast is available in single-use sachets for your convenience, packaged in sterile aluminium foil packaging to avoid contamination during storage and transport.