Prestige Turbo Yeast Vs Red Star Yeast

Prestige Turbo Yeast is a fast-acting yeast with high alcohol tolerance that can produce fermentation rates up to 18% without proofing. This yeast is created by combining dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast with an optimal blend of nutrients specifically tailored for high alcohol fermentations – such as essential vitamins, trace minerals and an anti-foaming agent – for maximum efficiency during its high alcohol fermentations. Each pack also comes equipped with pre-measured quantities of sugar for optimal yeast growth and fermentation efficiency.

Fermentations that fails, and kills its yeast, typically falls into one of three categories. Either it uses an incompatible strain (usually bakers yeast); there are too many volatiles present; there is not enough sugar or molasses to provide energy; or temperature is too low, or cells have died due to an osmotic chock; or yeast has been starved of essential nutrients and lost its natural defenses against attack.

Turbo yeast is designed to be osmo tolerant, and can be mixed directly with sugar solutions without pre-soaking. Soaking can cause the internal pressure of cells to differ significantly from external pressure, leading them to rupture and destroy themselves; additionally soaking depletes nutrients preventing proper functioning next time around. Turbo yeast works effectively with both mono-sugars and disaccharides such as regular household white sugar or castor sugar – and even ordinary white household or castor sugar!