Prestige Turbo Yeast and Troubleshooting

Prestige Turbo Yeast and troubleshooting

Turbo yeast has been specifically developed for alcohol fermentation, featuring an exclusive combination of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to extract more sugar and create stronger products. Furthermore, it’s bacteria free – helping ensure no contamination of your wash.

Turbo Yeast comes in five distinct varieties to meet the specific needs and environments in which fermentation takes place. Each variety specializes in speed, temperature, purity or yield conditions that might arise during its fermentation.

Classic 6 and Classic 8 Turbo Yeasts have been specially formulated to ferment 6 kg sugar at various temperatures across a broad temperature range, producing an exceptionally clean tasting spirit. You can use them for either the Spirits Wash stage of your still, or higher ABV fermentations with additional sugar added over several days.

These Turbos are fast and can make 14% alcohol in as little as three days, providing excellent all-round performance regardless of where your operation takes place.

Black Label Turbo yeast can produce 14% in as little as five days when following its instructions precisely. One 90gm sachet will ferment 25 litres of mash and is temperature-tolerant – perfect for larger batches in distilleries where sugar must first be fully dissolved before adding any yeast; stir continuously after addition until no visible yeast particles remain visible in solution.