Prestige Turbo Yeast For Alcoholic Beverages

Prestige Turbo Yeast and other baking projects

Yeast needs oxygen, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids in order to thrive; it also draws energy from sugar. Over time the yeast becomes depleted of these essential elements that must be replenished; after 30 minutes without proper feedings it dies off and fermentation ceases.

Our Turbo Yeasts have been developed specifically for use in continuous fermentation in home distilleries. Cultivated under sterile conditions and free from bacteria (which significantly decreases volatile production), they will quickly reach 14%-20% alcohol strength within 7 days!

Fermenting using high quality white sugar, specifically granulated as it has greater crystallization resistance. Once dissolved in water, dissolve your Turbo Yeast directly into this solution without prior soaking as this causes the osmotic pressure inside and outside cells to fluctuate which is toxic for yeast cells. Simply stir your sachet directly into the sugar solution.

Turbo Yeasts can quickly transform plain alcohol into your perfect drink with our essences and aromas, quickly creating delicious cocktails in no time at all. With multiple flavor profiles for both aroma and taste, there’s sure to be something suitable. To achieve optimal results we advise using only small amounts of essences; too much essence could lead to overpowering effects in your alcoholic beverage and lead to unpleasant tastes!