Add the yeast directly to the mash to avoid problems. One sachet is enough to ferment 6.6 US gallons (25 liters) whisk(e)y mash.

Most problems with whisky mash fermentation are from wild fermentation or bacteria in the mash. Using stater culture is what usually causes this: it must be sterile. This type of failure can happen to anyone. Our whiskey yeast contains enough yeast cells to start without a culture. Just sprinkle the yeast on the surface of the room-tempered mash, wait 15 minutes, then mix it with the mash.

Worldwide sales – we recommend shipping as a first class letter, Return Receipt Requested
A sachet of yeast weighs only 25 grams, so we ship worldwide at a very affordable freight cost. If you order a larger packet, for example a 10- or 25-pack, you will also get high-volume discounted prices, and the freight per sachet will be small.

How long can the yeast be stored?
The yeast keep its full power for one year. If stored in a refrigerator (recommended), it keeps its full power for three years.

Can I use this yeast for sugar and water mash?
No, it is for real whisky or whiskey mash only, made from barley, corn or similar.

Is the yeast labeled as whisky yeast?
No. As we ship worldwide, with different regulations in each country, a whisky yeast label could upset some government bureaus. We keep a low profile on the yeast sachet. It is labeled WD-yeast 23 gram. There is also a four-digit code which is the batch number indicating where the yeast originated. That is all.

Send as samples
The yeast is sent as samples. It is called WD-yeast only: a very simple sachet sample, no fancy label. The yeast is also great for making diabetic beer: it ferments out all the sugar in the beer.

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