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Price for one sachet of whisky yeast (to ferment 25 liters of whisky
mash) is US$ 3. Minimum order is 5 sachets. Freight for 5 sachets is
US$ 8.
If you order over 9 sachets you get volume discounted prices:

8-pack,  US$ 35

+ freight Included
16-pack, US$ 60 + freight Included
36-pack, US$ 115 + freight Included
73-pack, US$ 194.00 + freight Included
You get a larger discount with larger packings. One 25-pack costs less than two 10-packs. One 50-pack costs less than one 10-pack and one 25-pack combined.

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Non-Credit Card Purchase of Whisk(e)y yeast
US$ (or equivalent in any other currency) in bills by first class letter
or first class letter, Return Receipt Requested to:
Gert Strand AB
Box 50221
S-202 12 Malmo
Please visit Allfreightfree.com for latest prices.
When we have received payment we will ship your whisky yeast as samples in a first class letter,
Return Receipt Requested. Please allow 10 working days for the letter in both directions if you
send from outside Europe.