Why is Prestige Turbo Yeast So Good?

Why is Prestige Turbo Yeast such an excellent product?

This yeast strain features an extremely alcohol-tolerant strain with a complex mix of minerals and nutrients, designed to convert sugars quickly for clean wash production with minimum congeners production. Furthermore, special anti-volatile producing agents reduce volatiles significantly as part of its fermentation process which requires careful attention in terms of temperature, batch size and instructions during its fermentation phase.

Numerous factors can have an effect on the final quality of an alcohol base product, including:

Temperature control during fermentation – excessive temperatures will kill off the yeast;

* Nutrient Depletion – When yeast is reused it will consume its unique combination of nutrients. Once this occurs it cannot function effectively and may eventually lead to its demise.

Reusing yeast depletes its levels of phospholipids, rendering it more vulnerable and sensitive to osmotic chock.

To prevent osmotic chock, activated carbon is highly recommended as a preventative measure. While high quality activated carbon will remove most odours, an abundance of congeners may still remain in your finished alcohol product.

Ensure the appropriate water quality is utilized. This is especially essential if alcohol will be used medicinally; using inferior water quality may result in serious issues, including bacteria contamination (which often happens after reusing dry yeast killed by excessive temperatures), depleted nutrients, or pH imbalance.