Where to Buy Prestige Turbo Yeast

Where to buy Prestige Turbo Yeast

Where to Buy Prestige Turbo Yeast Our top selling product, Prestige Turbo Yeast can convert 6kg of sugar to 15% alcohol in 25 litres total volume while 8kg can yield 18%. Extremely temperature tolerant and ideal for fermentations taking place under harsh conditions, our very pure and clean fermenting yeast allows you to create your own customized drinks using any essences or aromas from our selection.

Turbo yeast is an exceptional all-round strain of yeast that can be added directly to sugar solutions without the need for pre-soaking, unlike other brands of yeast which deplete its osmotic pressure and therefore increase chances of death during fermentation.

Black Label Turbo Yeast is ideal for large batch fermentation due to its heat tolerance. Usually reaching 17% alcohol content within five days and suitable for producing fruit schnapps and alco base products.

Instructions: Simmer 6-8kg of sugar with enough hot water (eg, 48L for 48Kg of sugar) until its specific gravity reaches 1090. Add Black Label Turbo Yeast packets until no visible yeast particles remain and let ferment at 20-28degC air temperature for 3-5 days or until fermentation stops.