Prestige Turbo Yeast and Pizza

Prestige Turbo Yeast and coldfermented dough

Prestige Turbo Yeast is an ideal yeast choice for producing pizza dough, as it produces high quality alcohol in less than 24 hours and quickly ferments it to perfection. Furthermore, this yeast extracts and enhances flavors, and can achieve up to 18% alcohol by volume production without becoming stuck or producing too much of its own alcohol production; its sachets contain sufficient nitrogen nutrients for producing smooth-tasting spirits that won’t ferment into bitter brews!

To prepare the dough for fermentation, mix all of your ingredients with a paddle attachment in a mixer until all components have been evenly distributed and formed into smooth dough. Form small balls from this mass and place them into a lightly greased bowl before covering and placing it into your refrigerator for four days of incubation.

Once your dough has rested for two hours, take it out of the fridge and allow it to relax at room temperature for two more. This allows it to fully expand, giving your pizza its signature texture and flavor. After resting, be sure to coat the ball of dough in olive oil to avoid it sticking to your oven and start baking! Enjoy your pizza!

Prestige Turbo Yeast and Instant Yeast

Prestige Turbo Yeast and instant yeast

Prestige Turbo Yeast and instant yeast are premium quality products featuring high fermentation rates, easy use and no proofing requirements – ideal for hobby distillers looking to increase alcohol content quickly in less time. Being osmo tolerant they can also be added directly to sugar solutions without first needing to soak them as is sometimes necessary with other brands of Turbo yeast.

Rum Turbo Yeast was specifically crafted to suit pure molasses fermentation, offering an extremely low volatile production strain with special anti-volatile producing agents and an optimal mineral/nutrient/vitamin blend designed to quickly reach 18% abv in as few days. Extremely temperature tolerant, it works great in all types of stills from simple Amazing Stills all the way up to advanced fractional stills.

Whisky Yeast with AG is a commercial distillery yeast strain containing amyloglucosidase enzyme, which aids in breaking down longer-chain sugars to increase yield and improve yield. Osmophilic in nature, this yeast works great with low nutrient mash feedstocks. Perfect for amateur and professional distillers seeking to craft top-quality whisky without using essences!

To use this product optimally, combine 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs) of molasses in 25L of water until all sugar has dissolved, then top up to 25L with cold water. Stir for one minute after which add one packet of yeast before leaving it sit at 19-23 degrees C air temperature until fermentation occurs.