How to Market Homemade Distilled Alcohol

Alcohol sales in the United States total over $250 billion annually, making alcohol production and sales an immensely profitable enterprise for those able to craft spirits or drinks with distinctive tastes and brands that stand out. Starting a distillery can be costly and time consuming; so, in order to maximize returns from your investment it’s essential that you understand all aspects of marketing homemade distilled alcohol effectively.

Understanding your target market is of vital importance when running any type of business, but especially so when selling alcohol. Different generations respond differently to marketing approaches; knowing who your audience is is necessary if you wish to reach them effectively – Gen Xers tend to favor print and television, while millennials favor social media like Instagram as platforms for reaching them effectively.

One of the best ways to get your alcohol out there is through self-distribution. Doing this demonstrates your target audience and gives you greater control of distribution of your product(s).

Your product can also be promoted by aligning yourself with nonprofit organizations that support underrepresented groups within the alcohol industry, like Women of the Vine & Spirits or Women’s Business Enterprise National Council for networking purposes and sharing of ideas among entrepreneurs. Distilleries may partner with community-uplifting nonprofits like Rose Haven in Portland, Oregon – showing your distillery cares for its community while welcoming individuals from all backgrounds through its doors.